ThruNite T10T CW – Best Titanium AA Flashlight for The Money

The ThruNite T10T – Titanium AA EDC Flashlight

Max Lumens208
Low Lumens0.15
Battery1 x AA
1 x 14500
LED BulbCREE XP-L LED Cool White
Length3.68 In.

Single cell titanium AA LED flashlights don’t come cheaper, brighter or more durable than this. The T10T is the Titanium cousin of the T10S, which is made from stainless steel.

The ThruNite T10S – Stainless Steel is just as tough as the T10T

Both are built to be nearly identical to each other, from light output to toughness, but the T10S (2.8 Oz) weighs about 0.7 Oz heavier than the T10T (2.1 Oz), with Titanium having a higher strength to weight ratio. So it’s really up to whether you’re a steel or titanium person.


Great Short Range Flood Light

The cool white version dishes out 200 lumens whereas the neutral white produces 169 lumens of output. This is not really obvious but if you want the brightest titanium single cell AA flashlight, go with the cool white version.

With an orange peel reflector, the T10T/S does a good job of spreading those lumens out. Good for flooding a small area with light.


For a flashlight this compact and bright, it definitely makes it a great choice for an EDC. It’s great for lighting up your path at the parking lot or when the power goes out. Furthermore, 200 lumens in the face can cause some level of discomfort to anyone who tries mess with you in the dark, so it’s also effective as a defensive flashlight.

For the T10T/S series, what makes it unique is the cone diffuser that comes with it. Once attached to the tip of the flashlight, at the lowest mode, it turns a single AA battery into a glowstick that lasts for over a hundred hours.


The best part is probably the flush tailcap that also allows it to stand upright on a flat surface, which allows you to use it as a lamp at the highest output.


The T10T is Tough As Nails

ThruNite has brought the best of breed product to the market at a really competitive price. The T10T is tough and durable as hell, as proven by reviewers all over the internet.

Watch as the T10T is submerged, boiled, dropped and crushed and in each scenario, continue to operate under those conditions. Although the details of the boiling test were not elaborated on in the video, it still shows how impressive the flashlight’s components held up to those kind of extreme heat, even if it was only for 30 seconds (which would probably be the time taken to drop the flashlight into the boiling pot, film the clip and immediately empty the contents into a sink). It is highly unlikely that anyone will be using the T10T under that kind of condition.


Here’s the T10T surviving a freeze test. This particular test had the titanium flashlight frozen while operating in firefly mode (the lowest mode) for 9 hours. Although some water did manage to force its way into the flashlight (likely due to its expansion during the freeze), the flashlight continued to run. Later it was shown that after it was disassembled and left to dry, it became good as new.


This is a more likely scenario for folks living in places with extreme winters.


3 Output Modes with 2 Switching Methods

The T10T/S has 3 levels of output, high (208 lumens), medium (13 lumens) and low (0.15 lumens). The 3 modes are really well-spaced.

  1. Low provides enough light to do some close up reading or path finding without affecting night vision.
  2. The medium mode provides enough light for most short range use.
  3. The high mode pumps out enough light for some range coverage should you need it.

You can switch through these modes by half or full pressing the tail switch as well as by twisting the head. The memory function remembers the last mode you’ve used the next time you switch it on.


ThruNite has really put a lot of thought into the user interface design to provide a great user experience.


Final Thoughts

ThruNite has delivered great value with the T10T. This is one of the most durable titanium flashlights available in the market, yet comes with one of the most attractive price tag as well. The T10S is built exactly the same, just heavier. So if you like a flashlight that’s just as tough but with more weight, consider the T10S. However, do keep in mind that the heavier they are, the harder they fall. Although stainless steel is just as tough as titanium, the extra weight means it receives a larger impact when dropped as compared to the titanium version.

The cone diffuser is another good reason to get the T10T as it provides a great alternative use for the flashlight by converting it into a glowstick that runs on a single AA battery. One that can be turned on and off at will. Such a simple innovation, yet it dramatically expands the use of an already great flashlight.

Although officially, the T10T only supports Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries, it seems to be able to support 14500 lithium-ions as well, producing much brighter beams. It probably produces much more heat than what ThruNite would prefer, but hey, it works.

Note that the video uses the neutral white version at 169 max lumens instead of 208 lumens on the cool white.


Overall, the T10T is a great-looking titanium flashlight that is extremely well-built, durable and competitively priced. Definitely an excellent choice for an EDC flashlight.


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*Images courtesy of ThruNite. Videos courtesy of Bugout Channel, EverydayTacticalVids, DropForgedSurvival, ReviewOutdoorGear, EverydayCommentary and TheModernSurvivalist


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