ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 – Most Versatile EDC Flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 – Most Versatile EDC Flashlight

Max Lumens1040
Low Lumens0.1
Battery Life (Max)1.5 hr.
Battery Life (Low)2160 hrs.
Battery1-2 x 16340
1-2 x IMR 18350
1 x 18650
Length3.46 In. / 4.65 In.
Waterproof1.5 m.
Weight2.47 Oz

If you’re unsure whether to get a compact LED flashlight or one that is slightly larger but more powerful, then the ThruNite_Neutron_2C_V2 is the ideal flashlight for you. Simply because it is versatile enough to be both.

The default out-of-box configuration of the Neutron 2C V2 accepts one CR123A/16340 or an IMR 18350 battery. However, it also comes with an extension tube that can be attached for it to accept the longer 18650 battery or a pair of the respective batteries mentioned above, to unleash its full potential. Talk about battery options!


5 Output Modes

Before we talk about the absolutely crazy amount of battery options for the Neutron 2C V2, let’s see what modes are available.

Unlike most flashlights, there is no strobe, so its just plain output, accessible with a really simple user interface.

So in summary, with all operations performed using the side-switch:

  1. Double click from off to access turbo
  2. Press and hold while on to cycle through the modes: low-medium-high-medium-low
  3. Press and hold while off to access the moonlight mode
  4. Single click from off to access last used mode (mode memory)
  5. Single click from on to turn off

There is no tail-cap switch for this flashlight but the tail-cap is flat, making it ideal for tail-standing on any flat surface.

The side-switch is a little flush with the body though, thus making it slightly harder to “feel” it in the dark. You can always align the accompanying pocket clip to “point” to the button.


Battery Outputs

Having the versatility to support so many different battery types doesn’t mean the LED flashlight performs universally the same. Here’s a run-down of what to expect from the different cells.



Max Output x1/x2: 140 lumens / 220 lumens

Although the ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 can run on a single CR123A cell, it is not recommended as the power is not strong enough to fully power the flashlight. Out of the default 5 modes, only 3 outputs will be available:

  • moonlight (0.1 lumens)
  • low (14 lumens)
  • medium/high/turbo (140 lumens)

Using 2 x CR123As produces a much different result using the extension tube, with all 5 modes available:

  • moonlight (0.1 lumens)
  • low (14 lumens)
  • medium (220 lumens)
  • high (600 lumens)
  • turbo (920 lumens)


Rechargeable RCR123As / 16340s

Max Output x1/x2: 740 lumens / 920 lumens

Using a single rechargeable RCR123A or 16340, as it’s also known as, the output is similar with 2 x CR123As with moonlight, low, medium and high being the same and turbo maxing out at 740 lumens.

Using 2 x 16340s, you get the exact same results as using 2 x CR123As.


IMR 18350s

Max Output x1/x2: 930 lumens / 930 lumens

IMR 18350s provide more power than 16340s, but battery life will be shorter.

A single IMR 18350 battery will give you the best output for your ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 without the use of the extension tube. All modes are available with moonlight, low, medium and high being the same, with turbo at 930 lumens.

Using 2 x 18350s with the extension tube produces the same results as using one cell. Since 2 cells are being utilized, runtimes will be improved.



Max Output: 1040 lumens

The 18650 is the preferred cell for use with the ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 — providing the best runtime, with all 5 modes available and maximum turbo output of 1040 lumens.

The extension tube in this configuration will be required.



Smooth Reflector for Decent Throw

The ThruNite Neutron 2C V2’s CREE XM-L2 U2 LED is nestled within a smooth reflector to produce a solid hotspot that has decent throw, yet produces a useful amount of spill to illuminate the area around your target.

This makes it a very useful flashlight to identify distant objects out in the open at turbo, and with the lower modes, ideal for indoor or close up use. Finally, with the moonlight mode, makes it great for preserving night vision.


Final Thoughts

The ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 is truly a very versatile EDC flashlight. Suitable for outdoors, indoors, close up reading and situations where light discipline is required. At only 3.46 inches in its most compact form or 4.65 inches with the extension tube, this is simply an amazing EDC flashlight.

Previously, the flashlight does not come with a pocket clip, but now it does. The pocket clip snaps perfectly into place along the groove of the flashlight. Which makes you wonder if it was previously a packaging oversight to not include the pocket clip for the earlier shipments.

Whatever it is, the world is whole now with only one exception.

The holster that comes with the Neutron 2C V2 can only fit the form of the flashlight without the extension tube. If you intend to use the flashlight with the 18650 battery, like what most of us would do, then you’re out of luck if you’re thinking of keeping it in the holster attached to your belt.

Did I mention this little devil is also IPX8 waterproof up to 1.5 meters? Well, it is.

The ThruNite Neutron 2C V2 also comes at a really attractive price tag for a flashlight of such excellent build quality and versatility.


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