Surefire Titan Plus – Brightest AAA Flashlight

Surefire Titan Plus – Brightest Single Cell AAA Flashlight

Max Lumens300
Low Lumens15
Battery Life (Max)1 hr.
Battery Life (Low)7 hr.
Battery1 x AAA
Length3.375 In.

300 Lumens from a single AAA nickel metal-hydride or alkaline battery. This is so far, at this point of writing, the brightest single AAA LED flashlight in the market. Made by one of the most reputable flashlight brands in the world. You can stop pinching yourself now.

The Surefire Titan Plus is the next iteration of the Surefire Titan. This time packing 3 modes, more than twice the max light output and encased in a scratch and corrosion resistant nickel-plated brass. It also has the trademarked MaxVision faceted reflector technology to give the smoothest short to medium range flood beam.

At only 3.375 inches and comes with a quick detachable tailcap keychain, this leaves no excuse not to have it as an Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight.


MaxVision Faceted Reflector

So what’s the deal with MaxVision? This is Surefire’s beam forming technology that will create the smoothest quality beam with no spots or rings. It will illuminate your entire field of vision, and at 300 lumens, the Titan Plus will give you a really good situational awareness advantage in the dark.

Here’s a comparison of a traditional flashlight vs Surefire’s Titan Plus with MaxVision.


1 x AAA Battery

AAA batteries are the next most common form of batteries after AAs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about carrying a special charger for your special lithium-ions. Just pop in any normal AAA into the Surefire Titan Plus and you’ll get 300 lumens. If you use the Eneloop Pro that comes with the flashlight, you’ll get to save on batteries if you have a charger for that nickel metal-hydride cell.


3 Modes of Operation

The Titan Plus comes with 3 modes: low (15 lumens), medium (75 lumens) and high (300 lumens) at 7 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour respectively.

Each mode can be accessed by twisting the head of the Titan Plus a number of times: 1x for low, 2x for medium and 3x for high. Sounds simple enough? There’s only one slight quirk. For some reason, the modes repeat itself if you switch it really quick. Therefore, if you need to get to high and you try twisting the head on and off three times, you might end up in medium mode instead.

Here’s how this behavior looks like:

The low mode of 15 lumens is actually still quite bright, and can pretty much ruin your night vision or probably disturb a sleeping partner near you. If it had something below 1 lumen for a low setting, the battery life could be extended for more general use at night, such as getting up for the washroom in the middle of the night at home, or searching for items inside your tent while out in the field.


Final Thoughts

The Titan Plus is definitely an ideal candidate for an EDC, especially with the cool keychain tailcap attachment. The attachment itself is unique in that it is easy to snap on and off, but not that easy to snap off accidentally.

What is weird is that the Surefire Titan Plus already has some kind of keychain loop built onto the flashlight itself, so its a bit of a curiosity that it should come with a keychain attachment.

Perhaps, there could be possibilities of coming up with tailcaps with a variety of other functions. Bottle-openers on your flashlight anyone?

Overall, this is a really good light, the best of its class. Being a Surefire, this little behemoth of a single cell AAA flashlight actually costs quite a premium. However, there really is no other flashlight of this category out there, at this point, with a max output of 300 lumens. However, much like the Surefire Sidekick, there are some issues to consider if you’re going to get this light, such as the quirky interface. The 15-lumen low is a preference thing and it might not bother some people. They are minor pains really, considering the quality of light that you’re going to get in this tiny package.


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*All images courtesy of Surefire LLC. Videos courtesy of Surefire LLC, bigtb1717 and Going Gear.


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