Olight S30R Baton II – Best Value Rechargeable 18650 Flashlight

Olight S30R Baton II (3600mAh) – Best Value Rechargeable 18650 Flashlight

Max Lumens1020
Low Lumens1
Battery Life (Max)2 hr.
Battery Life (Low)1200 hr.
Battery1 x 18650
LED BulbCree XM-L2 U3 Cool White
Length4.65 In.

If you’re just getting your first 18650 flashlight, you can’t go wrong with this. The Olight S30R Baton II (3600mAh) will start you off with everything you need. The best bundle from Amazon.com comes with a 18650 (3600mAh) battery, the charging dock, an AC adaptor, a car charger and a holster. Talk about a starter kit!

The S30R Baton II is the rechargeable version of the S30 and is the second iteration of the S30R. It has a smaller cousin, the S10R Baton II. Much like its smaller cousin, the S30R Baton II comes with many of the same clever features unique to the Olight rechargeable baton series: the flat magnetic tail cap, easy wireless charging through the charging dock, glow-in-the-dark o-ring and side switch with red low battery indicator. You can find out more about these features by visiting the S10R Baton II review.

It does, however, lack the electronic lockout function and sports a slightly different rubberized switch that protrudes more for easier identification through touch.


Unique Battery Setup

First, the orientation of the battery is in the reverse order from other 18650 flashlights. Instead of the positive contact being inserted head-first into the flashlight, the S30R II requires the negative end to go in tail-first.

The S30R Baton II also uses it’s own customized 18650 battery for charging. It has both the positive and negative contacts on the usual positive end and just the negative contact on the opposite side. The reason for both positive and negative contacts on the positive side is because of the flashlight’s charging design, where the tail cap has both positive and negative connectors for charging.

The customized 18650 battery is built with over-discharge, overcharge and short-circuit protection, which can be used in other flashlights. The S30R II can also use other 18650 batteries, however, you won’t be able to charge the normal 18650 cells within the flashlight.


This might be a potential bummer in the event the original proprietary battery dies for whatever reason, effectively rendering the S30R II into an S30. At this point, there doesn’t seem to be replacement S30R II customized 18650 sold separately by Olight, only regular 18650 cells.


Wireless Charging with Charging Dock

Like all the rechargeable baton series, the S30R II comes with a charging dock that allows the flashlight’s magnetic tail cap to snap onto the dock without having to fiddle with cables or USB ports.

The charging dock comes with a USB extender for charging your mobile phones as well as sticky pad should you need to affix the dock permanently onto your desk. A charging indicator glows red while charging and turns green when the battery is done charging.


Great design to conveniently keep your LED flashlight well juiced. Just snap on to charge and snap off to use.


5 Brightness Levels with Strobe

The S30R Baton II is designed for maximum beam efficiency with a hardened tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating on both sides. The reflector is smooth for a large hot spot with good throw. There is also a glow-in-the-dark o-ring that charges itself while the light is on, and glows to provide some indicator of the flashlight’s position when the light is off.

The 5 brightness levels are: low (20 lumens), medium (100 lumens), high (450 lumens) and turbo at 1020 lumens which will step down to 600 lumens after 3 minutes. There is also an ultra-low moonlight mode at 1 lumen to preserve night vision for close-up reading.


Great versatility with all the well-spaced modes.


Final Thoughts

The Olight S30R Baton II is definitely a great 18650 flashlight and a rechargeable one at that, that is if you’re using the proprietary battery that comes along with it. Some might not like the idea of the rechargeable feature balancing on the fate of a single proprietary battery. However, remember that the S30R II also works with regular 18650 batteries, only that they can’t be charged within the flashlight.

All that aside, the entire package is of great value considering the price is close to what you would get for a regular non-rechargeable 18650 flashlight. Not to forget you’re also getting a whole bunch of bundled accessories.

Another great feature of this flashlight is the magnetic tail cap. Olight has received feedback of its S30R having a rather weak magnetic tail cap that caused the light to wobble when attached to metal surfaces and have greatly improved the magnetic strength in the S30R II’s tail cap. Definitely strong enough to hold its weight now.


The Olight S30R Baton II is a great 18650 flashlight for anyone who is getting their first and doesn’t want to bother hunting about for batteries and chargers.


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