Olight S15R Baton – Best Single AA Rechargeable Flashlight

Olight S15R Baton – Best Single AA Rechargeable Flashlight

Max Lumens280
Low Lumens0.5
Battery Life (Max)0.75 hr.
Battery Life (Low)360 hrs.
Battery1 x AA
1 x 14500
LED BulbCree XM-L2
Length3.5 In.
Waterproof1 m.

Versatility in LED flashlights is a key consideration for an Every Day Carry (EDC). A powerful flashlight that is compact, easily recharged, yet can also be powered by a regular AA alkaline battery makes it a versatile survival tool. The S15R is just such an ideal candidate for a zombie apocalypse. Hey, if it’s good enough for a zombie apocalypse, its good enough for anything.

Like its rechargeable cousins from the baton series, — the S10R II and S30R II — the main feature of this light is its charging cradle and the flashlight’s magnetized tail cap, allowing it to easily snap on and off the dock for convenient wireless charging.


Charging Dock for Wireless Charging

We’ve done some coverage of the charging dock for the S10R II and S30R II. The charging dock for the S15R is very much the same as that for the other 2 flashlights, and can be used interchangeably among all flashlights in the Olight Baton rechargeable series.

One thing to note though, we’ve seen the charging dock typically come with one additional USB extender to charge your other devices, however, it seems that docks with dual USB extenders have been sighted as seen here.

Regardless whether it comes with one or two extender ports, the Olight rechargeable baton series is one of the better designed rechargeable flashlights out there. No cables, no ports, no fuss.


4 Well-Spaced Modes with Hidden Strobe

The Olight S15R Baton comes with 4 useful output levels: Ultra-low Moonlight (0.5 lumens), Low (7 lumens), medium (70 lumens) and high (280 lumens). There is also a hidden strobe mode.

In summary, with everything controlled from the side switch:

  • Press once from off to turn it on at the last used mode
  • Double click from off to turn it on at the highest mode
  • Press and hold from off will switch it on to moonlight mode and override the last mode stored in memory — if you hold beyond 2 seconds after the moonlight mode is activated, the flashlight will turn off and go into electronic lockout — you can disable the electronic lockout by pressing and holding the switch until it goes into moonlight mode again
  • Press and hold while it is on to cycle through the modes. Low-Medium-High
  • Double click while on to enter strobe — to disable the strobe, simply press and hold while it is in strobe mode

The S15R uses a smooth reflector for a bright hot spot that throws pretty well and comes with a decent spill to illuminate your target and its surroundings.

It also features the same glow-in-the-dark o-ring as the rest of Olight’s batons, that charges when the flashlight is on and glows when the light is turned off.


Final Thoughts

Performance-wise, this flashlight is certainly very bright for its size when used with the accompanying 14500 battery. In fact, when used with the lithium-ion battery, it has been estimated by some flashlight enthusiasts that the maximum output is somewhere around 350 lumens instead of the advertised 280 lumens. However, when used with the average alkaline AA or rechargeable Ni-MH cell, the brightness is greatly reduced, with output at somewhere around 160 lumens.

What’s interesting is that apparently, the S15R works with the AA extender tube that comes with the non-rechargeable S10. With 2 x AA cells, the output brightness matches a single 14500 battery powering the S15R.

Even though the charger only works for lithium-ion batteries, the fact that the S15R runs on 3 types of batteries — Ni-MH, lithium-ion and the average alkaline AA — makes it really easy to power, which makes this flashlight one of the best single AA EDC flashlights available.

Of course, when compared with the Zebralight SC5, with a maximum output brightness of 535 lumens on a single Ni-MH or alkaline battery, the output of the S15R somewhat pales against that kind of space-age technology.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Olight S15R is rechargeable and comes with the charging dock and one 14500 battery by default. This saves you the need to purchase these additional accessories. The AA option is just the icing on the cake.


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