Olight S10R Baton II – Small Rechargeable RCR123A Flashlight

Olight S10R Baton II – Compact Rechargeable RCR123A Flashlight

Max Lumens500
Low Lumens0.5
Battery Life (Max)0.82 hr.
Battery Life (Low)168 hr.
Battery1 x RCR123A
LED BulbCree XP-L HD
Length2.89 In.

The Olight S10R Baton II is the second iteration of the popular S10R, of the rechargeable series, of which the S10 is the non-rechargeable version. The reason for its popularity? At only 2.89 inches, it disappears into the palm of your hands should you wrap your fingers around it, making it the ultimate EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight. Don’t be fooled by it’s size because it packs a truckload of features, some of which are just pure genius.

For example, not only does it come with a flat tail cap for tail standing on a flat surface, but it is magnetized so that you can attach the flashlight by the tail cap onto any metallic surface (hood of your car, side of a cupboard etc) and it becomes an instant lamp. The LED flashlight’s magnet is strong and can pretty much hold its weight. This is the unique characteristic of the Olight baton series… and a really clever one. Though you ought to be careful when placing magnetically sensitive items, like credit cards, in the same pocket as the flashlight.

Another nifty feature is the glow-in-the-dark blue o-ring around the inner bezel of the flashlight. “Charged” by the flashlight when it is turned on, it gives out a faint greenish glow when the light is turned off. Useful for finding the S10R II in the dark should you accidentally drop it, or simply to orientate the flashlight and finding the “on” button.

Let’s not forget the eye-scorching 500 lumens from its Cree XP-L HD LED, up from 400 lumens from its predecessor, the S10R.


Charging Dock for Wireless Charging

Onto the main feature of the Olight S10R Baton II: The Charging Dock. The charging dock is compact and easy to carry and also comes with a sticky pad to apply to its base should you want to hold the dock permanently into position on a table or even on the wall. It also comes with a cleverly placed USB port for you to charge other devices while charging the flashlight, making it a charging extension of sorts.

Brilliantly designed, this is the closest you can get to wireless charging your flashlight. The Olight S10R II attaches to the charging dock via its magnetic tail cap and snaps into position to initiate charging. This is a great feature to easily snap on or snap off the flashlight from charging for immediate use. No wires to fidget with, no searching for charging ports on the flashlight, just snap on, snap off. This ease of use will ensure your flashlight will always have enough juice if you place the dock at any convenient location such as the living room or beside your bed.

In fact, the charging dock works with all models of the Olight baton rechargeable series: the S20R and the S30R. Each purchase of said flashlights come with their own charging docks, so you can place the extra docks all over the house if you want.


The charging dock comes with a indicator that lights up red when the flashlight is docked and charging. It turns green to indicate the battery as charged. It will charge the RCR123A battery up to between 4.00V – 4.20V before the indicator turns green.


5 Modes of Operation

As mentioned in the beginning, for a flashlight this tiny, the S10R II comes packed with features.

It has 3 normal modes: low (5 lumens), medium (100 lumens) and high (500/300 lumens); a moonlight mode of 0.5 lumens and strobe at 10hz.

The normal modes can be accessed simply by single clicking the side switch. By holding down that switch while it is on, cycles through the modes. Single clicking again while it is on, will turn it off. The flashlight has memory and will retain the last accessed brightness the next time it is turned on. To access the ultra-low moonlight mode, just hold down the side switch while it is on. The memory will remember moonlight mode as well and will go to that mode if it was previously turned off while in moonlight.

The shortcut to access the high mode is to double click it while it is OFF, which great for defensive purposes. To access the strobe, just double click the switch while it is ON in any mode.

There is also an electronic lockout function that can be activated by holding down the side switch a while longer after the moonlight mode is activated, of which it will turn off and lockout. To cancel the lockout, just hold down the side switch until moonlight mode is activated.


The electronic lockout is great, yet its use might not be required as accidental activation has been reduced to a minimum with the clever side switch design. The button is recessed inside a beautiful ring of blue metal to prevent accidental activation, so unless you intentionally press into the ring, it is unlikely to turn on in your pocket.

Another neat feature of this button is its low battery indicator, which will light the center of the button red when a weak battery is in the flashlight.

The flashlight maintains the highest mode of 500 lumens for 4 minutes before the thermal regulation steps it down to 300 lumens to prevent its insides from frying.


Compact Flashlight with Good Throw

The S10R II’s smooth reflector gives this tiny powerhouse quite a bit of throw (up to 105 meters specified by the manufacturer). The beam has a large and bright hotspot with fairly small spill, giving it the power to reach out and “touch” something. The hotspot is so powerful, it can easily light up a room with just the light bouncing off it.


For a light this small, it sure packs quite a punch.


Final Thoughts

This is the ultimate EDC flashlight. Compact, easy to recharge and packing quite a punch in terms of light output. Let’s not forget the tons of features you would normally find in a tactical flashlight and even some unique to itself, all packed into a tiny 2.89 inch tube.

At the price point it is at right now, considering the RCR123A battery and charger that comes with it, which by themselves could easily cost about a third of the price tag, it is the ultimate value flashlight package.

The S10R Baton II also has accessories such as the orange or white diffuser-wand, which can be attached to the light’s bezel and turns it into a great battery-powered glowstick. Great for lighting up the immediate surroundings. The white version of the diffuser even glows in the dark! Check out the following S10R Baton II bundle from Amazon that comes with the diffusers and a holster.


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