Best AA Flashlights

There is a time and place for everything, even AA flashlights. Given the choices of high powered CR123A/16340 and 18650 flashlights available today, each boasting much higher lumen outputs than most AA flashlights, it will still never beat one thing — the cheap availability of AA primaries. If you’re gonna be away from civilization for a while, grab an AA flashlight and some AA batteries.

A powerful flashlight with a flat battery is only as useful as a knuckleduster.

High powered flashlights require higher power lithium-ion batteries, most of which are rechargeable, but comes at a much higher price tag and its own share of safety considerations. With the advent of safer hybrid nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries, or more commonly known as Eneloop batteries, AA flashlights are making a comeback.

The EDC form-factor, coupled with greatly improved lumen outputs and run-times, make modern AA flashlights the ideal showcase vehicle for the advancement of LED and battery technologies. So go ahead, grab a 500-lumen single-cell AA flashlight and awe your friends with the power that can be packed in the palm of your hands today!

Zebralight SC5 OP – Brightest AA Flashlight

If you’re looking for a powerfully bright AA LED flashlight, no other comes close to the Zebralight SC5. This is unlike other hundred-plus-lumen AA flashlights that support 14500 lithium batteries, turbo-ing up to 220 – 300 lumens ONLY when their lithium-ion cousins are used. The SC5 can have a max output of 535 lumens for 3 minutes, before stepping down to 325 lumens… on a single nickel metal-hydride or alkaline battery! At the other end of the spectrum, the SC5 also comes with an ultra-low output of 0.1 lumens which can last continuously up to 4 months!

Zebralight SC5