About PocketFlares

PocketFlares is a site setup for the love of flashlights and with a vision that flashlights might eventually replace expensive and dangerous flares.

With literally thousands of flashlights out in the market today, how does one decide which one to get? The interesting thing with so many brands and variations of flashlights, is also the number of video reviews. The search for the brightest and smallest is a never-ending quest with the advancement of today’s LED technology. Because who doesn’t like looking at a tiny palm-sized device lighting up an entire football field at night? Feel the power!

Of course, eventually everyone in the industry will be putting the brightest LED in their flashlights. That’s when things get crazy with folks going all out to find the most indestructible palm-sized illumination device. Drop tests, crush tests, abrasion tests, freeze tests, boiling and burning tests, even so far as to WEAPONIZE flashlights…going all out to find the flashlight that will most likely outlast its owner in the ultimate disaster scenario, for your viewing pleasure.

So here we are, curating the best of these videos for you and at the same time, classifying the best lights in each of their categories. All to help identify the next best pocket-sized EDC for your collection!

Let us not forget the effort put in by the owners of the videos featured on this site. They’ve kept up all night to bring you the best beam shots, burned through much creative juice to formulate the most entertaining torture tests and risked life and limb subjecting their flashlights to insane punishment, just to prove their durability! So do them a favour by subscribing to their YouTube channel if you like any of their works.

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